How much do window tinters make?

If you’re thinking about learning to tint then you’ll probably be wondering ‘how much you can make from window tinting?’.

How much do window tinters make

Window tinting is a great business opportunity with low start up costs and high profit margins. How much you can charge per car will vary depending on which part of the country you are based in, but generally you can charge around:

  • £100-£150 to tint rear windows on a 3-door hatchback
  • £150-£250 to tint rear windows on a 5-door hatchback or small SUV
  • £250-£350+ to tint rear windows on a large SUV or estate
  • £100-£200 for a chameleon tint on the front windscreen

The costs of the tinting materials for a job are quite low (only a few £’s), so most of what you charge will be profit. When you first start out you may just want to do 1 large or 2 smaller cars per day, so that’s potentially £1000-£1500 plus per week, before any other costs.

Once you are more confident then you could easily do double this amount of vehicles or more, so £2000-£3000 in a good week is easily achievable.

So now you know how much window tinters make, why not take a look at our window tinting courses and get started today!